Full Speed Ahead with Second Captains

15th April 2015

The fourth series of massively popular RTÉ sports show Second Captains Live is in full swing, making it the third time Piranha Bar has had the pleasure of teaming up with the guys on the show. The series is made up of six one-hour live episodes which are a pitch perfect mix of special guests, […]

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Getting the Numbers Write

14th April 2015

It isn’t easy for adults to step back into the classroom, especially when they had negative experiences of schooling the first time around. But in ob-doc Get the Numbers, Write, produced by Screentime ShinAwil and edited here in Piranha Bar, five people decided to do just that. Over three months the adult learners improve their literacy […]

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Volkswagen teams up with National Museum of Ireland!

1st April 2015

Volkswagen Ireland has proudly partnered with the National Museum of Ireland, and to celebrate this special relationship spots were created for each of the three museum locations in Dublin – Decorative Arts & History at Collins Barracks, Archaeology on Kildare Street, and Natural History on Merrion Street and – as well as the Country Life […]

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Ireland’s Home of the Year

26th March 2015

Ooh home shows. How we love them. Voyeurism, creative inspiration, the obligatory dramatic story about the graft it took to get the place looking so gorgeous.“Oh would you look at what they’ve done with the kitchen” and “well now, there’s a novel use for a bucket if ever I’ve seen one” we hear you say. […]

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