Remote Grading @ Piranha Bar – Rushes Colourist Showreels


We are delighted to announce we now provide a complete top-to-tail production and post-production process.

This means not only can we direct, produce, shoot, design, animate, edit and composite to create amazing live action & VFX content, we now also offer grading with London’s world class colourists, without leaving our Resolve suite here in Dublin.

So how does it work?

Quite simply, Piranha Bar and Rushes use two synchronised DaVinci Resolve systems, so changes made on the Rushes system in London are immediately applied in real time on our system here.

Essentially, the colourist in London is a remote operator of Piranha Bar’s Resolve grading suite.

Grading is a live 'in the room' audiovisual experience tailored around speed and convenience, so clients can feedback on the grade throughout the process as if they were in the suite with the colourist.

As selected takes are mirrored on both systems the graded footage can be rendered out in full resolution from the Resolve suite in Piranha Bar, ready to use straight away without the need for a lengthy or compressed file transfer.

The calibre of the colourists from award-winning company Rushes is second to none – Director of Colour Grading Simone Grattarola, along with Senior Colourists Denny Cooper and Simona Harrison share a reputation as being some of the best in the business and between them have worked on campaigns for major international brands & top artists like Madonna, Coldplay, Kylie, Take That, U2, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal and Rita Ora.

We enjoyed the quality and flexibility of this new remote grading set-up in our recent commercials for Meteor & NTA.

Simone Grattarola Profile & Showreel
Simone has over 12 years grading experience working with acclaimed directors, agencies and production companies, building his reputation through his diverse grading skills across commercials, music videos, features and digital campaigns. A MVA Winner, Simone has graded for some of the world's top artists including Madonna, Coldplay,KylieTake That and U2. Along with grading high profile commercials for brands such as Coca Cola, Stella Artois, French Connection, Ford, Samsung, and Sony. His feature and long form work includes LCD Soundsystem’s Shut Up and Play the HitsAtlantis: ‘Birth of a Legend’ and Super Volcano for the BBC. Simone enjoys being involved early in a project and referencing his love of films, photography, art and fashion in his work. He sees this as an essential part of the creative process and key to establishing a connection with the director as well as the project itself, making the subjective art of grading more tangible.
Simona Harrison Profile & Showreel
Simona has over a decade’s worth of grading experience, working with prominent commercial directors such as Nick Knight, Trevor Robinson and Sam Taylor-Wood, on hundreds of major international campaigns for clients including Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, H&M, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Xbox and Sony Playstation. Simona comes to Rushes having worked in some of London’s leading facilities, as well as abroad, steadily building upon her reputation. Known especially well for her top-end fashion and beauty work but equally at home across genres, Simona has also graded rushes for Sherlock Holmes 1&2, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, Attack the Block and various other TV projects.
Denny Cooper Profile & Showreel
Denny adds his passion and skill to every project he works on, with a keen empathy for the work, crediting this as an important route to delivering at the highest level. Denny works across a broad range of commercial and TV work, taking in the BBC’s Inside the Human Body and with top brands including Adidas, Coca Cola, Vodaphone, Landrover, and Heineken. He’s enjoyed working on promos for the likes of Ed SheeranDizze Rascal, Rita Ora & Tinie Tempah, and with high-end fashion labels Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, plus ASOS.
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