Digital Asset Management

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What's in it for you?
As AdStream's official partner in the Irish market, we can offer a full suite of tools to ensure that all your material (be it TV, Radio or Print) is accessible anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. Along with all the relevant delivery and usage information, this gives you full control over your entire archive and allows you to quickly and efficiently identify ads, view them, re-version them and distribute them to stations and publishers as you wish.
Delivery and Distribution
Send All TV and Radio copy to all UK and Irish TV stations. Log in via any internet enabled device to check real-time delivery updates 24/7, 365 days a year. So whether you’re at your desk or on a shoot, the information is always at hand. 
Archive and Storage
Search all your archive instantly and find those ads you need instantly. View them / check them, all the delivery and usage information is there.
Convert the files to any format. Just let us know what formats you would like and we’ll set them up. We have standard ones for you but if you’re not sure, call us and we can customise it for you.
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