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Creative Services
As we move into a future where multi-platform expressions of our commercial work are needed to engage our audience, we’re keen to work more closely with you the agencies on developing original content from the ground up. From longer-form webfilms to episodic sponsored content, interactive technologies to bespoke installations, we’ll jump in at any stage to help develop scripts & techniques that push the creative standards of our ever-evolving product.
Is there a technique, a visual trick, an animation style you can’t quite get your head around? A mood-reel that’ll demonstrate the intended tone of your board? We’d be happy to consult on any job at concept stage and to research and develop a demo, pre-vis or edit a reel that delivers a solution to any production or post production problem.
Do you need to create a local version of an international campaign or simply recycle and update an old ad? From simple retitling and pack replacement to more dynamic motion graphics, 3D pack-modeling and animated end-sequences, Piranha Bar provides the highest standard and best value on all your traditional post production needs for existing ads.
Whether it’s a simple storyboard that help sell your scripts to clients, animatics for research or more detailed shooting boards, our talented illustrators can create a variety of styles to suit any job. We’re also happy to consult on structuring your narrative and script development if needed.
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